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AirVon is proud to partner with CNHI Capital, a global leader in equipment financing, offering a wide array of financial products and services. With over 35 years of experience in the agricultural, construction and commercial vehicles industries, CNHI provides customers with the best possible financing options. CNHI’s heritage dates to 1957 when Case Credit entered the Australian market and 1979 when New Holland Credit joined the market, combining with Case Credit to form CNHI Capital.

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March 2023


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CNHICA QuickQuote is an integrated mobile and web application that enables dealers and sales staff to quickly generate quotations. It has an intuitive user interface and allows users to access realtime data and perform offline operations when there is no internet connection. QuickQuote is also used for retail businesses in New Zealand, allowing users to capture application details with integration to external services like the NZBN registry. Additionally, the application can generate documents, capture credit decision information and perform settlement operations on loan applications. QuickQuote is designed to provide a fast, hasslefree origination system for CNH Financial Services.


The proposed project posed many challenges in terms of security, offline availability, user experience, and robustness. First, the integration of external services and the capture of sensitive data required secure authentication and encryption protocols in order to protect the user data. Furthermore, maintaining offline usage necessitated the development of sophisticated caching and synchronization algorithms that guaranteed data integrity when the system was offline. Additionally, designing a userfriendly interface to enhance the user experience while navigating through the application was essential. Lastly, the system had to be built with robustness in mind, meaning it had to be able to handle a large number of requests and support scalability. All these challenges had to be addressed in order to make this project successful.


The technology stack chosen for this project is ideal for a secure and robust origination system, while offering a great user experience.

Security: The technology stack included encryption measures such as HTTPS and TLS protocols for secure communication between the client and the server. The .NET Core and .Net Framework 4.7 provided the latest security features for handling sensitive data. The database server was also protected by encryption and authentication measures, making it a secure option for storing customer data.

Offline Availability: The React Native mobile apps for Android and iOS were designed to work with an offline mode, meaning that customers can access their data even if there is no internet connection. The system also included an offline functionality when there is no connectivity around.

Robustness: The technology stack chosen for this project is robust and reliable. The .NET Core and .Net Framework 4.7 provided an enterpriselevel solution for handling sensitive data, while the React Native mobile apps were designed to be highly scalable, allowing customers to access their data from any device.

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