Flexible Engagement Models

Discover our versatile engagement options designed to align perfectly with your project requirements, whether you need staff augmentation, fixed-price agile projects, or our build-operate-transfer model.

Staff Augmentation

Extend Your
Team with Our

Staff Augmentation is ideal for businesses seeking to expand their team's capacity and capabilities without the long-term commitment of hiring. We provide skilled professionals who seamlessly integrate with your existing team, offering the expertise and support you need to accelerate your projects.


  • Flexibility to scale your team up or down.
  • Access to a diverse pool of specialized talents.
  • Cost-effective solution for short-term needs




Staff augmentation is best for SME’s that seek to scale up the operation, while maintaining cost effectiveness.
Managed services are prefered by companies with specific goal oriented outcome need
It ensures that the parent company retains a high degree of autonomy in the management and direction of the operations
Partnering with MSP signals a transfer in the project autonomy from the parent company to the MSP
Staff augmentation views its USP as the flxibility it endows that parent company witH
Managed services highlights their accountability to the parent company
Generally entails a short term relationship between the service seeker and the service provieR
the Relationship between MSO & the parent company is ling term & mutually reinforcing for both the partners
Personal scalibility-offers remarkable options for project scaling in terms of increased need of skilled rofessionals.
Personal scalibility-offers remarkable options for project scaling in terms of increased need of skilled rofessionals.

Fixed-Price Agile Projects


Our Fixed-Price Agile Projects model combines the predictability of fixed pricing with the flexibility of agile methodologies. This model is perfect for projects with well-defined scopes, where you need clarity on budget and timelines without sacrificing the adaptability to evolving requirements.


  • Budget certainty with a fixed price.
  • Agile approach to accommodate changes.
  • Ideal for projects with clear requirements and deliverables.

Build, Operate, Transfer

A Partnership
for Long-
term Success

The BOT model is designed for businesses looking for a comprehensive partnership. We build and operate the project initially, ensuring it reaches its full potential before transferring operations to you. This model is ideal for long-term investments where you wish to eventually bring the project in-house.


  • Full lifecycle support from build to transfer.
  • Reduced initial operational burden.
  • Long-term investment with eventual in-house integration.

Tailoring Our Approach
to Match Your Project’s Unique Needs

No matter which engagement model you choose, our commitment remains the same – to deliver excellence and drive success. Our flexible engagement models are designed to meet your specific project needs, ensuring efficiency, quality, and alignment with your business goals.