Cricwick is Pakistan’s biggest sports portal dedicated to cricket fans, providing them with the latest news, live scores, and analysis on the game. The website was launched in 2019 with the aim of becoming the goto destination for cricket lovers all around the world.

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March 2023


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The Problem

Cricket is a popular sport, with a massive following, but getting accurate and uptodate information on matches and teams can be a challenge. With the rise of the internet, there has been an increase in the number of cricket websites, but many of these sites are
cluttered, confusing, and provide unreliable information. This makes it difficult for fans to stay informed and get the most out of their passion for the sport. 

Another problem is to take the website at scale for millions of users expecting live scores and updates during the live match. The real sporting eventbased traffic leads to abnormally large concurrency
challenges. Such challenges become even more formidable if we have a ballbyball score update for fantasy leagues for tens of thousands of users.

The Solution

Cricwick was established with the goal of filling the gap in the market for a dedicated and reliable cricket website. The website was designed with a clean, userfriendly interface to provide the latest news, live scores, and expert analysis on all major cricket matches and
tournaments. To add to the excitement, Cricwick offers a Live Cricket Fantasy feature, allowing users to create their own fantasy cricket teams, compete against others and win numerous prizes.

The website’s high traffic and increasing popularity are a testament to its success in delivering accurate and uptodate information to cricket fans. The website leverages Firebase RealTime Database to ensure that the scores are updated in realtime, providing users with the most accurate information possible. Cricwick also provides a live
streaming feature, allowing fans to watch
live matches on the website. With its continued efforts to provide the best user experience, Cricwick is on track to becoming the goto destination for cricket fans worldwide.

The outcome

Cricwick has quickly become one of the leading destinations for cricket fans on the internet. The website has received positive feedback from users for its clean, userfriendly design, and accurate, uptodate information. The Live Cricket Fantasy feature has been particularly
popular, adding an interactive and engaging component to the website. The website has also received praise for its indepth analysis and expert opinions, which provide fans with a deeper understanding of the game and its players.

Cricwick has demonstrated the value of delivering accurate, reliable information in a clean, userfriendly format, with robust security measures and engaging features in place. The use of Firebase RealTime Database and the live streaming feature has been critical in providing fans with the most uptodate information and a complete viewing experience. With its continued growth and success, Cricwick is well on its way to becoming the ultimate resource for cricket fans everywhere.

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